The ICE Cube Engagement Induction Framework (Part II)

This is the second and last post of the series – Planning the perfect induction program for your company.

Hello! I know I am posting this after a long gap. I was busy helping one of the leading finance companies in India in planning their Induction programme. Luckily, The ICE Cube Framework helped!

So… let’s come back to ICE. In my last post, I shared my ICE Cube Engagement Model. In case you missed it, you can read it here.

Today, I am going to discuss how you can use this framework to plan an effective onboarding programme.

Let us start then. I would suggest getting a pen and paper for this. It’s a fairly simple process.

Step 1 – Plan the Content

Draw the Structure-Scope Matrix on the paper. In case you don’t remember, refer to the image below.Structure-Scope Matrix for ICE Cube Induction

Now fill up this matrix with the topics you want to communicate to a new employee. You don’t have to do this alone. Ask all the stakeholders for their suggestions.

Make sure you put the topics in the correct block. For example, if you want to talk about Company History and Background, it will come in Company-Information block as it is ‘information about the company’.

Step 2 – Decide on the Communication Style

You have your list of topics now. How do you wish to communicate these? Elearning? Or On-the-Job training? Mention this mode of communication for each topic.

Step 3 – Schedule and Coordinate

Now it is time to plan your delivery schedule. Figure out your logistics here. What resources do you need? When do you need them? Do you need a classroom? Or a printed collateral? Or a trainer? Or LMS?

Now choose an Induction Portal or LMS which supports this, and your Induction Programme is ready!

As Chandler Bing would have said – Could that be any more easier?

Let me give you an example which I always use. Trust me, it always helps!

Here’s the mandate – Piggy Bank of India currently conducts a 3-day classroom style induction for its new employees. The bank is looking to revamp the program to make it more effective while optimizing logistics and cost.

Now let us start applying the ICE Cube Induction Engagement Framework.

Step 1 – Plan the Content

Let us populate the Structure-Scope Matrix with all the topics that we think a new employee should know about.ICE Cube Induction Framework - 1.JPG

Step 2 – Decide on the Communication Style

Let us put down the style of communication for each content nugget and the duration.

ICE Cube Induction Framework - 2.JPG

Step 3 – Schedule and Coordinate

Not everything can be communicated at the same time. He’s a human after all, not a machine. (Unless you’re recruiting the Batman or Tony Stark)

Break down the learning into phases and arrange for the resources which you would need to ensure that this program runs smoothly.

ICE Cube Induction Framework - 3.JPG

And the final one is – use an on-boarding platform which can support the below components.

ICE Cube Induction Framework - 4.JPG

Itching to get started on your Induction Programme? Download this Template and get started.

If you need any help with it, please feel free to drop us a line at


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