Can corporate E-Learning be Engaging?

The key thing to understand here is that corporate elearning is different from formal education in one key aspect. Learners in a corporate setting need to be attracted to every single item of content every single time. In this way, corporate learning needs to be thought of as a marketing problem similar to what video creators and movie makers face.

So how do they engage their audience that one can replicate for learning?

From our observation of successful instructional designers on the QuoDeck platform, we have found the following 3 techniques to be the most successful in engaging corporate learners:

  1. Nuggeting – No content exceeds 20 minutes at a time. Individual videos are less than 3 minutes each. These allow for quick consumption with low commitment hurdles for the learners and therefore tend to get higher trial rates.
  2. Micro Achievements – Using inline questions, small games, quizzes and feedback loops makes learners constantly feel good about themselves. These tend to drive spaced repetition of question-based learning and through instant gratification, keeps them coming back for more.
  3. Completion Motivation – Learning paths, serialized stories, branching and gamification techniques also seem to be very effective in keeping people engaged through the learning and drive higher completion rates.

Beyond these, of course, great content with sparkling wit, humorous takes and deep context works, but that’s art, not science. And if you can get instructional designers who can deliver that, well, you got gold…

By Arijit Lahiri, Co-Founder of QuoDeck

How do I launch my E-training business?

E-Learning Industry is projected to grow to close to $300 Billion in the next 4 years. With the increase in internet connectivity and the growing millennial workforce in emerging markets, the business climate is extremely promising for high-quality content creators.

  1. Decide the Companies and functions where your expertise is valuable. Your target segment, should be focused, do not try to cover every type of Company. e.g: If you are an expert in Labor law, you should target Legal and Compliance teams in Manufacturing/Capital Goods companies.
  2. Create an e-course using SaaS LMS: SaaS LMS allows free trial periods. Test the LMS’s and pick the one that best fits your requirement. Consider the following criteria while shortlisting your LMS – a) Easy to create content across multiple formats, b) Price, c) Mobile friendly, d) Game-based compatible. Create a library of content including videos, presentations, documents, learning games and assessments for a few of the courses. You will have to showcase these in all your interactions with prospective customers. 
  3. Online Marketing: While you will reach out to your existing contacts, online marketing is a very powerful and affordable tool to increase leads. Upload some of your content on your website, Social media pages, YouTube channel and post it on relevant online forums. Setup ads on Google, LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter, and other social media websites to generate traffic on your website.
By  Venkataraman Ananthakrishnan, Head- Online and Global Business at QuoDeck