QuoDeck selects – the creator of the month

A mother, to her ingenuity, has now found a way to get her kid acquainted with international languages. What could be better than Nursery Rhymes? Gone are the days when importance was given to only one language. In this demanding world, it is now paramount that your kid learns atleast 2 international languages. 

Let us introduce you to Ruchi Rudra. She curated a list of her son’s favorite nursery rhymes and created a mobile app on the QuoDeck Platform.

“As hard as I tried, my 16-month-old had to listen to rhyme during dinner, when both my husband and I were too tired to try otherwise. I created an unwieldy playlist of songs sorted according to the type. Also, used this to introduce new languages to him, to help in faster development. QuoDeck app was invaluable in helping me create a huge library, design the playlist, sorting and restricting content, using YouTube videos. Have shared this with other parents in my friend circle and hope more parents find value in my app,” said Ruchi Rudra a mother to a 16-month-old.

A perfect app for all the toddler moms who want to now introduce them to international languages.

Ruchi has set an example of what could be done on QuoDeck and thus helping us to explore more on it.  So, to all the Mums there looking for a similar solution, go ahead and download the app on your Andriod or IOS handsets.

 By  Vinaya Souz, Head – Marketing at QuoDeck