Can I, as a learner, decide final assessment for my course?

No, this is set by your trainer and you have no control over this. In fact if there are multiple assessments in your course, then it is transparent to you to know, which Assessment is set as the Final assessment or whether there is any final assessment at all. But in a typical scenario, the last Assessment is set as the Final Assessment.


What is Git? Who can benefit from git?

Git is the most popular version management system mostly used by Software Developers for  Source Code Management.

It was created by Linus Torvalds. Yes, the same person who created the “Linux Kernel”.

One of its prime feature is, it keeps track of changes made to files and directories. Specifically the text changes made in the plain text files.

So if we have 3 versions of files, then Git allows us to move back and forth between these versions, also allows to compare these versions and see the difference between these versions.

It is also referred as Version control system(VCS), or Source Code Management system(SCM).

Get more on Git from its official website @

What is the concept of final assessment?

A Learning course on QuoDeck can have various kinds of content formats such as – PDFs, Videos, Games, Surveys and Assessments.

When you create an Assessment (a.k.a Quiz), all you have to do is select the checkbox that says “set to true”

When you set this checkbox to true (by ticking on it), whatever score learner gets for the Assessment, is marked as the Courses Final Score.

So, you may have multiple assessments in a course, but you should only have one Assessment which is marked as Final Assessment.

On deleting a course, what is deleted?

When you delete the course, it will remove the following things from system;

  • All your learners will be unenrolled from the course
  • All learning content will be removed from the system, and it is non-reversible
  • All learner reports for given course will be unavailable permanently.

If I delete a course, can I get it back?

Heads Up!!! Once you delete a course, it is removed from the system permanently, and it can not be retrieved

It is advised to have a backup of all your Course Contents on your local system(computer) or some online cloud storage like Google Drive or Dropbox or Microsoft OneDrive.

Can I have multiple courses with the same names?

I would say, you can have multiple courses having the same name, but I would insist you should not have them. We distinguish between courses using a unique identifier and not by course names.

As I stated, I will not recommend having multiple courses with the same name, because it may create confusion for you later in distinguishing courses.