Can a program contain multiple courses

Of Course Yes, in fact the program itself is designed to contain more than one course. You can have as many courses as required under a program. Although it is advised to have moderate number of courses, so that the program should not seem bloated.

How to create a new course

It is very simple and straightforward process, just follow below steps to do it.

Step 1: Login in using your creator credentials.

Step 2: Go to the library section in the left menu.

Step 3: Click on “Create New” course button.

Step 4: A popup will appear, in that popup, enter name and description for the course.

Step 5: Click on “Save” button and your course will be created.

Note: You get the ability to create multiple courses, only if you are a “Biz” or “Enterprise” licence user.


What is offline collaboration in QuoDeck platform?

If you are having “Biz” or “Enterprise” licence, then you have the ability to create a “Deck”, which is the content format to create interactive content.

You can download this interactive deck and share it with other creators on the system. These users can upload this deck, update its contents and download the updated “Deck” and send it back to you or share with other creators of the system. This ability to share the content offline, is the offline collaboration feature offered by QuoDeck platform.

What is a web server?

A Web server is a program that uses Hypertext Transfer Protocol(HTTP) to serve the files to users, in response to their requests which are forwarded by HTTP clients on their machine.

The requests are sent by client programs at users end. The client may be a web browser client like (Mozilla Firefox, Google Chrome, Opera, Microsoft Edge or Apple’s Safari) or it can be an Api development and testing programs like (SoapUI, Katalon studio or Postman)

Some of the popular and most widely used web server tools are Nginx, Apache and Microsoft IIS.