I received my login credentials from my Trainer, but I am not able to login

Here are a few reasons why you aren’t able to enter your password;

  1. Check with your trainer if he’s updated the password

2. Please check if you’re using a correct and updated application

3. Passwords are case sensitive – make sure that you don’t have your caps-lock on while entering your password.


What are various types of interactive slides available in QuoDeck interactive editor?

We offer multiple kinds of slides, some of the popular formats are as follows;

Simple and easy to use text based templates:

  • Title
  • Title with Subtitle
  • Paragraph
  • Bullet List
  • Dos and Don’ts List
  • Carousel List

Image based templates:

  • Image
  • Zoomable Image
  • Background Image
  • Icon Bullet List
  • Icon List Timeline
  • Icon List Gallery
  • Diptych
  • Triptych
  • Image Cards
  • Image Gallery
  • Popup List

A PDF Reader Template:

  • PDF Viewer

Video Templates:

  • Video
  • Caption with Video
  • Paragraph with Video

Reference to external resource:

  • External Link

Interactive Templates:

  • Single Select
  • Multiple Select
  • Anagram
  • Picture Fuddle
  • Timelined Options

These are a few easy to use templates from the available library and there are many yet to be added. Update your QuoDeck account for the new set of templates.