I received my login credentials from my Trainer, but I am not able to login

Here are a few reasons why you aren’t able to enter your password;

  1. Check with your trainer if he’s updated the password

2. Please check if you’re using a correct and updated application

3. Passwords are case sensitive – make sure that you don’t have your caps-lock on while entering your password.

Does QuoDeck have Social Feeds?

Yes, if you own an enterprise account, then you as a Trainer can create social feeds for your enterprise learners.

You can create the following types of feeds:

  • A simple text feed
  • An image feed
  • An image gallery
  • An external link
  • A video feed

What are various types of interactive slides available in QuoDeck interactive editor?

We offer multiple kinds of slides, some of the popular formats are as follows;

Simple and easy to use text based templates:

  • Title
  • Title with Subtitle
  • Paragraph
  • Bullet List
  • Dos and Don’ts List
  • Carousel List

Image based templates:

  • Image
  • Zoomable Image
  • Background Image
  • Icon Bullet List
  • Icon List Timeline
  • Icon List Gallery
  • Diptych
  • Triptych
  • Image Cards
  • Image Gallery
  • Popup List

A PDF Reader Template:

  • PDF Viewer

Video Templates:

  • Video
  • Caption with Video
  • Paragraph with Video

Reference to external resource:

  • External Link

Interactive Templates:

  • Single Select
  • Multiple Select
  • Anagram
  • Picture Fuddle
  • Timelined Options

These are a few easy to use templates from the available library and there are many yet to be added. Update your QuoDeck account for the new set of templates.