Contactless Delivery Rules!

This is a challenging time for all businesses.  Especially ones whose livelihoods depend on delivering their products to a customer’s doorstep. As more people work from home and self-quarantine during the pandemic, the more digital means of buying groceries, fresh vegetables, fruits or even prepared food become popular. All of us have undoubtedly seen ‘Contactless Delivery’ offered by most online platforms, but let’s take a moment to understand what it protects you from and what it doesn’t.

Contactless Delivery generally means that those ordering essential items, such as food or medicine, can get them delivered without coming face-to-face with the delivery person. Once you place your order, the delivery person will typically leave the goods at your doorstep or the entrance/lobby of your building. But does that protect us from all risks? Maybe not.

COVID-19 is known to spread through droplets that can fall on us when an infected person sneezes, coughs or talks to us. So, Contactless Delivery protects us from these aspects. However, the virus also transmits on surfaces and the groceries or food you are buying have had many points of ‘contact’ before it even reaches your delivery person. Pairing Contactless Delivery with other measures may mitigate risks from these ‘contacts’.

Many companies have started using tamper-evident packaging seals to help ensure food is untouched during delivery. This usually looks like a special seal or sticker and is meant to reassure customers that nothing has gotten in—or out—since their food was dispatched. However, it is safer to remove and discard any sort of packaging that comes with the food.

When opting for contactless delivery, also check on the measures that the restaurant is taking to ensure that those who are preparing your food are not sick. Most online platforms that you order from provide this information.

Last, but not least, avoid ordering from places that require you to pay cash. Currency is one of the fastest transmission sources given how often it changes hands. So, use one of the innumerable digital payment options available to pay for your food and groceries instead.


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