Managing employee morale during a pandemic

One of the most difficult tasks that an organization faces during a crisis is managing morale. In the event of a non-pandemic crisis, we would have immediately hosted events such as offsites, after-work gatherings, bake-offs, and raffles.  However, the inability to bring people together, without risking their health, is making uplifting employee morale an uphill task. Here are a few things that you could do to keep your team going at times like this.

Plan ahead

Work out a weekly plan for the team. This provides them with clear goals that they need to achieve over a finite yet not-too-short period. With their goals in sight, the team can structure their days to and work towards achieving them.  

Define working hours

WFH gives us the luxury of flexible hours but procrastinating and putting work off is a side-effect that some employees may face. Along with managing deadlines, encourage the team to complete their work during office hours itself. If an employee has finished their work for the day, try not to bother them post office hours.

Encourage them to create an office like atmosphere at home

A lot of people working from home are complaining of backaches, frozen shoulders, etc. Ask them to create a work like ergonomic at home. Setting up a desk with a comfortable chair that supports their back is a good idea. They should also try and take small walks every hour. This will help them be more productive while avoiding aches and pains.

Employee Engagement

Get your human resources team to run employee engagement activities even during WFH. A weekly chai session over VC or a quiz competition are just a couple of ideas that you could use. Such events will help in keeping the team’s spirit going.

Keep Up the Human Touch

Of course, you have your numbers, targets, reports, presentations, etc., to discuss. But what really helps in keeping people motivated is keeping the human touch. Asking them, “how are you?” or “are you and your family safe during this time?”, will go a long way.

You do not have physical proximity to ensure that your team members are doing well. So, ensure to chat with them on not just work-related stuff but their wellbeing as well.

Cut them some slack

If you hear their kids, pets, parents, or spouse in the background do not get irritated, cut them some slack. All of us are juggling between managing homes and work at the same time – and it is not easy. We are dealing with such a pandemic for the first time, there may be some slips.

Focus on your employees today, they need your support. Choose to do what is right for the organisation.


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