Sales Enablement: The Strategic Art of Selling

Imagine yourself on a deserted island with no or little resources for survival. Now imagine that you are on the same island with information and resources for surviving. It implies that it is easier to handle complex challenges with appropriate tools and resources. Likewise, a sales team with no strategy has no meaning by itself.  

Simply having buyer’s information is not enough for making high sales. Here comes the importance of a sales enablement strategy. It is an approach that equips your sales team with adequate resources by aligning their selling tactics. 

Businesses applying sales enablement achieve a 49%-win rate on deals compared to 42.5% of companies that do not enable sales processes.  

A sales enablement strategy provides a seamless experience to the buyers with the right tools or content. It is effective when tools are applied at the right moment during the ongoing buying process. But how do you build an effective sales enablement strategy? 

Create valuable content  

A successful sales strategy involves valuable content to plan it around. Sales representatives require appropriate content to engage prospects and answer their queries. Buyers prefer choosing sales personnel who offer content to guide them well through each purchasing stage.  

You can collaborate with your sales and marketing teams to discover common questions they face at each stage of the buyer’s journey. Once your teams start to communicate effectively, you can plan different content types based on needs. 

Create a buyer’s journey map that associates different journey stages with multiple content types you can use. Create and plan social media posts to drive prospects directly to buyers.  

Sell with a personal touch  

Remember! You are not selling products and services for yourself but prospects. Try to lead with empathy and think about how you can solve your prospects’ challenges or issues. Approach the leads with a genuine concern to solve their obstacles. Let them know you are here to improve their lives with products and services and not simply for profit. 

Focus on building a relationship that involves giving genuine advice to prospects, and maintaining contact. It includes offering alternatives like discounts, trials, and payment terms. 

Quodeck is a robust platform that helps you focus on your targeted audiences. It applies micro-learning and gamification to drive engagement. Quodeck helps evaluate learner behavior through market analytics.   

Create customer-centric approach  

You would now agree that sales enablement centers around meeting customer expectations by creating an effective customer experience. Brands that offer superior consumer experience had 5.7 times more revenue than competitors that do not focus on it.  

You need to focus on personalization that begins with collecting valuable customer data and creating a specific profile. Correct lead distribution tools can enable sales personnel to approach leads based on customer data. Segmenting customers, identifying needs, answering doubts, and offering suitable content increase lifetime value for customers. 

Customer retention is mainly dependent on the company’s ability to provide a practical customer experience. Likewise, segmentation, understanding customer needs, and targeted content are necessary for sales enablement. 

Develop your expertise  

Try developing expertise in your operating industry as a whole. Have a thorough understanding of the products and services that you are selling to prospects. You should be able to address your prospects’ queries thoughtfully. It will help you in building rapport and trust among potential customers.  

However, your expertise should extended beyond the product. In this context, you need to understand competitors’ strengths and weaknesses and products and services. You should know your rivals’ pricing structure and their customers in the market. It will help you frame your sales enablement strategies better to suit your prospects’ needs and interests. 

Quodeck helps you customize your content based on customers’ preferences, including colors, banners, icons, and landing page layouts. Quodeck is an asset for enterprises as it offers internal and external marketing options.  

Train and train 

Sales enablement training is an exclusive activity. Business and customer needs keep on changing rapidly, which implies that buyer’s issues are evolving. Your sales force needs to have the latest updates at all times to build brand credibility. Can you believe that sales trainees forget around 84% of sales training after 90 days?  

So, sales enablement training is not a one-time activity. Instead, an effective way is setting up shorter, weekly, or fortnightly, but regular workshops. A continuous effort will drive the sales team and keep them updated of customer requirements. You can use weekly newsletters, workshops, and competitor updates to strengthen your sales enablement team. 


You cannot deny that we are living in times where customers prefer quality content.  Sales enablement enables the sales team to approach customers and results in higher productivity. Effective sales enablement strategies help your business stand out in the competition. So, empower your sales team with the correct tools and resources for better results! 


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